Firefox 4 Beta 1 Release Available

So long has it been since the last release of Firefox. Well, now the latest version 4.0 is in its 1st beta release stage. Since all the hype lately about HTML 5 and compatible browsers, it now seems almost essential to have a good HTML 5 rating to be considered an Elite browser. Another great thing about Firefox version 4 is the minimal amount of space the header bar takes up. The header bar of Firefox 4 looks very similar in height to the header used in Chrome. Other than just physical appearance of the release there are so many other great features.

In the new release there is a new Add-ons manager. In this Add-ons manager, you will be able to get new extensions, edit current extensions, add/edit Firefox themes, and add/edit plug-ins. You will be able to update all your plug-ins/add-ons at once. Additionally there are filtering options for viewing or editing your current add-ons. To open the Add-ons manager goto Firefox->Customize->Add-ons.

Firefox 4 also supports WebM and HD video and there are also several new privacy settings that were put into this new release.

A few more of the Developer features include WebSockets, HTML 5 Support, JetPack SDK for building Firefox Add-ons, advanced CSS 3 support, Web Console, and Indexed DB.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new release, be sure to head on over to: