Google Me – A Facebook Killer or Just a Rumor

From internet browsers, email, searching, videos, documents, and many many more… Google may soon be coming out with a social networking service that could be a Facebook killer. Granted, it may not be a killer; however, if this rumor is true it may have the possibility to decrease the amount of users on Facebook. Think about all the services Google currently has available and how great it would be to integrate all those services into a social networking platform like Facebook.

In the past Google had created their own social network called Orkut and it hasn’t done as well as expected; however, the Google Me project may be Orkut on steroids and a brand new face in the social networking community that is sure to get a lot of ‘Buzz’. Speaking of ‘Buzz’, Googles share image and video with friends component, I’m sure it did not do as well as anticipated as well. Perhaps Googles mindset on this could be that they need a new start by creating an ultimate social network integrated with tons of the already popular Google services.

The topic about Google Me is not set in stone… The whole reason this topic exists is due to the fact that the co-founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, tweeted this topic:

He has stated that he had a very reliable source tell him about Google Me, and he is fairly certain that this is not a rumor. You can hear more about this topic in a video interview with Kevin Rose at: If you would like to read more into this topic you can visit the following links:

  • Chris Lang

    If you take YouTube, Google Reader, Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, Google Docs, Google Latitude, Google Wave, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Gcaht, SMS messaging, and tie them altogether in a wall type app you really have something. Then make them all available on an Android phone too.

    That is what Google is out to do here, not imitate Facebook. Google has simply built a social network in reverse, bringing in the wall page last.

    Also when you consider that you can use any of these world class apps independently without the wall, they become much more powerful too. And they are all open to the public, anyone can read my Google Buzz posts.

    At this point we are treating Google Me as reality, not fiction. See ya there.