Prism – A great way to make web apps… desktop apps

If you have used a Mac before you may have used fluid, where you can turn web apps into Mac desktop apps; however, if you are on a PC you would need to download Prism.

Prism will create a desktop, start menu, or quick launch bar icon. All you need to do is double click the application icon and your desktop web app will be launched.

When you download the zip archive, unzip it, open up prism.exe, and you’ll get the following screen:

Prism App Screenshot

Simply enter in the URL, give it a name, select options, and select where you would like to place the icon. Finally press ‘OK’ and your Prism app has been created. You can create desktop apps for Pandora, Gmail, or any other web page you constantly visit.

Turning web apps into desktop apps could not be easier. Make sure to visit the official prism page and start creating your Prism Apps!