Syncing Google Calendar and tasks with your mobile device

Google makes everything easier such as email, searching, and organizing your life. Google Calendar and Tasks can be synced with your mobile device so that way you never have to miss an event again. When logged into your Gmail account simply go to: and you can add new events to your calendar. Alternatively inside of your Gmail account you can click on tasks to the left side of the screen and simply add a new task list. When adding a task if you specify to add a due date, then that specific task will be added to your tasks in your calendar list.

Google makes it very easy to configure your mobile device calendar with the Google Calendar. For instructions on setting this up you can visit and click on the mobile device you would like to configure. There are simple instructions, for each device, that will walk you through the whole process.

So be sure to sync your calendar events to your mobile device and you shouldn’t forgot about another event. Of course, unless you forget to add the event ;)