Using Flash CS5 to Create iPhone Games

I know myself, as well as many others are very excited for the release of Adobe Flash CS5. The main reason for this, as many of you may know, is because Adobe Flash CS5 will allow users to compile their flash games and applications into the iPhone/iPod touch format. This means “Watch out Apple Store” you’re going to be getting an overload of crappy 99 cent Apps. Believe me, I’ve already downloaded my share of crappy 99 cent apps and I’m not to happy when I realize my 99 cents would have served me more entertainment by providing a dollar to a bum and awaiting his reaction. Now, nonetheless, I am very happy that Adobe is coming out with this great feature and I know that everyone is going to need to step up their game if they want to create the next ‘Doodle Jump’. I can’t wait to see all the new features that will be available in the new version of Flash. Thank You, Adobe! Here is a video demonstration of this awesome new feature in action: