Adobe Edge Animation with Video

So, it seems that Adobe has realized that HTML5 will rule and conquer a lot of aspects for the future of web. Adobe has released a new product called Adobe Edge which allows users to create animation in a nice WYSIWYG editor and then they save it as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My first impression of the application was a good impression. I was a fan of Flash in the past; however, I was totally understanding of the reasons they were not widely accepted on Mobile Devices.

Here is a screenshot of the new Adobe Edge application:

You can get a free copy of Adobe Edge over at their website. Go ahead and download it and give it a try.

After I downloaded it, I watched this simple getting started video: and then after watching the video, I created my first animation of a video container sliding down and then a video being displayed after the animation has completed.

Check it out here:

Adobe Edge Animation with Video

or, you can

Download the files here

Enjoy ;)

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