Find all your latest TV Shows via torrent

If you love watching TV shows and hate it when you miss an episode. Or even if you want to catch up on the latest TV Shows, well then, TV Shows for Mac OSX is the place for you to download all your latest shows. Head on over to and download the ‘TV Shows’ App and start downloading your favorite shows!

With TV Shows, you can subscribe to your latest shows. By subscribing the Application will detect when a new episode in your subscription has been aired and become available. You will be notified when a new episode is available for download. Just click download and you will have the latest episode very shortly.

Of course you are going to need a torrent downloader. There are several out there. One of the most popular torrent clients is an app called Transmission, which can be download here:

With TV Shows you can also choose to download previous episodes of your show.

When you click subscribe, just choose where you would like to start your subscription. You can choose to start from the next episode aired, or you can choose to start from any previous episode and it will automatically schedule the next aired episode as well. So, be sure to get this awesome application!

Download Here