Get Your Copy of FireFox 4

FireFox version 4 was released near the end of March and shows some promising colors. As expected the new version of Firefox includes specific types of improvements including a ‘New Look’ and ‘Super Speed’. Make sure you head over to and update to the latest version of FireFox.

Here are a list of the additional features that you will get with the latest release of FireFox:

Awesome Bar – The address bar, or ‘Awesome Bar’ is an improved URL bar where it will learn your preferences over time. The Awesome Bar will remember your preferences from the past and previous history and try and guess exactly where it is that you are trying to navigate. Additionally, the Awesome Bar is located below the tabs, so that way you can focus your attention on the website you are currently on.


Tabs – Access your latest visited sites in the tab interface. If you have common sites that you like to keep open, you can pin them to the browser and they will show up in a smaller tab. Also, if you accidentally closed a tab, you can easily open up recently closed tabs from the History Menu.


Stay in Sync – FireFox 4 makes it is easier to sync your mobile FireFox with your desktop FireFox. By syncing your devices you’ll be able to take advantage of managing many of the FireFox features such as Password Manager and Form Completion all in one place.


Easy Search – The built-in FireFox easy search allows you to choose a default search engine of your choice. Simply enter in your search keywords and you can take advantage of search suggestions, smart keyword, and location-aware browsing.


Getting Organized – With the new FireFox 4 One-click bookmarking, getting organized has never been easier. Saving all your favorite websites is only a click-away.


Additionally along with all the above features, you will also notice an improvement in performance, security, and personalization. So, be sure to head on over to FireFox and update yourself to the latest version ;)