Foundation KR – Inspiration from Web Evolutionists

There are few sites that I visit for web development and entrepreneurial inspiration; however, one of them sticks out in my mind that I feel is definitely worthy of writing a post about. The site that I am referring to is called ‘Foundation’. The URL is

It’s kind of funny that I get excited when I see a new episode has been released.

So, what is foundation? Foundation is a simple video site where the creator, Kevin Rose, interviews popular web entrepreneur and CEO’s of popular Web Apps. In case you have never heard of Kevin, I’ll give you a little insight into who he is. Kevin Rose was the co-founder of the popular He is also an angel investor and now recently an employee with the brilliant minds at Google. He used to host a show called Diggnation, where him and his buddy would drink beer and talk about the hottest stories on Digg. It may sound dumb, but it was actually really entertaining :)

Anyway, Foundation is a collection of great web entrepreneurial interviews. As a web developer myself, I tend to get tied down with my position at work and feel that I am working a repetitive position that has no hopes of showing great success. Well, this web series has definitely given me new hope. Kevin Rose has interviewed several great minds including the creators of Twitter, Instragram, Ustream, and many more amazing people including Tim Ferris.

One of the things that I love about this video series is that you can tell the conversations and interviews are genuine, honest, and of course inspirational. If you are interested in coming up with new web ideas or love building new web applications you will definitely be a fan of this great show. So, be sure to head on over to and meet the minds behind some great web apps.