Simple Chat with Node JS and Socket IO

So, I finally released my first tutorial on the Envato network called, ‘Simple Chat with Node JS and Socket IO’. So, if you are looking for an easy chat solution or possibly looking into learning more about Node JS or Socket IO, then this tutorial is for you. Be sure to head over to the tutsplus marketplace and buy my new video tutorial.

The tutorial contains 3 short videos containing about an hour of video walk-through and explanation. After completing the video series you will have created your very own web chat system.

The design and HTML elements are very basic. It was designed this way so that the chat system is easily customizable. You can take a look at the video preview below to see what we will be creating throughout this tutorial sequence:

If you are interested in checking out this full tutorial head on over to and purchase the video series tutorial for only $7. Feel free to leave some comments in this post or on the product page ;)

  • Patrick Raike

    where to buy the videos link broken for Simple Chat with Node JS and Socket IO ???