Top 5 Alternatives to Twitter Bootstrap

Yeah… Yeah… Twitter bootstrap is pretty cool. But, the only problem is that when I see a website that is obviously built with bootstrap, I immediately loose credibility in the app because I think to myself… If it’s such a great app… why can’t they change the visual appearance more than the default bootstrap…

Well, if you really need to use a CSS framework, and you don’t want to be so transparent. Here are some awesome CSS frameworks that you may want to write down.

Zurb Foundation Framework:

Gumby Framework:

Metro UI CSS:


Formee Framework: 

Base Framework:

 Hope this helps your frame of mind :)… Frame… Framework… Ahh never mind..

  • Ricardo Machado

    Hi dude,

    I liked your post, but can I suggest a new one?
    Ink – – is also a good alternative to Twitter Bootstrap and is younger =)

    Feel free to ask stuff to @inksapo on twitter ;-)