MediaTemple vs Rackspace

I’ve been with MediaTemple for about 5-6 years. About 3 years ago I started working with an awesome client who is the owner of

My client was using Rackspace and they were on a  shared plan which was pretty decent but it cost quite a bit with overages that were accruing, I finally convinced them to move to Rackspace Dedicated Servers, a dedicated virtual hosting service. We moved and the migration was seamless. I even had a direct contact at Rackspace that could help me out.


After being with their dedicated hosting solution running us about $300 a month, I was always a big fan of MediaTemple. They even had a WordPress hosting solution for only $20 a month! Awesome… I eventually convinced my client to move to this hosting solution… Errrrrccchhh! Big Mistake!

MediaTemples WordPress plan caps you at about 256mb/512mb ram. We were getting site down messages all the time. So, we needed to rethink the solution, MediaTemple was still a good solution, just not the wordpress solution, right?

Well, we then moved to their DV Level 4 servers which was ok for a little while. (Oh, btw, in order to migrate I had to pay MediaTemple about $100) I wish they would have migrated for fee, but it’s ok… But then about 3 months later their DV level 4 servers upgraded. Woohoo! Instead of the 4GB server it is now an 8GB server. So, I guess the upgrade will be automatic…

My server is going to get upgraded, right?… WRONG!

I had to pay another $100 to upgrade from a DV Level 4 server to the (new) DV Level 4 server. Another $100 and if that’s not enough our site has been down for the last 3 hours and still going… Which is my reason for writing this article. I have a feeling we may be moving back to Rackspace or another hosting solution.

So if you ever ask yourself, “should I go with MediaTemple or Rackspace.”

Go with Rackspace!

Video Membership Site

How to create a Video Membership Site

Let’s say you wanted to create your own Video Membership site. What would you use for that? Your first instinct might be to go with WordPress and this is definitely a viable solution; however, there are going to be a lot of disconnects and a lot of functionality that doesn’t work just right. Checkout this article about WordPress vs HelloVideo.

Now, thanks to HelloVideo you can easily create your own Video Membership website. The script is very easy to install and very easy to configure. With HelloVideo you have a powerful admin dashboard where you can add/edit/delete videos, posts, pages, and users. You can view statistics about your video site right when you login to your admin dashboard.


HelloVideo comes with 3 great themes. Each theme has separate settings that you can modify. You can also add your own custom CSS or Javascript. This app was built to seamlessly integrate with stripe and it was built the latest version of Laravel, Laravel5.

Once you gain access to the download section you will also have access to all the documentation a ton of quick start videos, and all your downloads. You will get free updates and free upgrades for a whole year.

So, if you’re in need of creating an awesome Video Membership Website, do your users a favor and get one of the best Video CMS’s available today.

Check it out at


UsePanda – News & Inspiration for Designers and Developers

One of the tools that I commonly used to stay up-to-date with the latest design and development news is UsePanda. UsePanda can be used as a chrome extension or as a webpage. The chrome extension is great. After activating the extension, every time you open up a new tab, you’re presented with the following screen:


Every morning you can get up and in front of your computer, with your coffee at your side, as you stay up-to-date by checking out all the links and design inspiration presented through UsePanda. Some may look at this as a distraction, but….. others would say it’s motivation.

UsePanda takes the latest news from many popular technology sites like Designer News, SideBar IO, Hacker News, and so much more. You will also be inspired as you can easily scroll through the most popular design shots from Dribbble, Behance, or Awwwards.

Be sure to download this awesome extension and get inspired :)

twibble – Simple Tweets from your RSS Feed

Using Twibble you can set the latest content from your RSS feed to be tweeted to your twitter account at certain time intervals. Twibble will send out one of your latest posts, articles, or any other new piece of content that gets added to your RSS feed. This is automating the process of tweeting your new stories. Gaining a larger following couldn’t be easier with this tool.


To get started you can simply signup using your twitter account. Once logged in you can give your feed a name, provide the RSS feed URL, setup the interval at which you want twibble to look for new content to be posted, test out an example post, and then finally save your new feed.

You can then view Analytics to see the amount of click throughs you are getting for your tweets.

Using this tool will eliminate the need to manually tweet your latest article or post, which saves time to write more. So, get on board and checkout this cool new app called Twibble.

Lead Pages that convert

Recently I released a new version of Lead Page Labs. There are a lot of new downloads and themes that have been added and there will be new themes added every single week. This is a Laravel project using the Stripe billing system and it has been a lot of fun to build. Users will gain access to all the themes and bonus graphics for over a year. So, if you haven’t had a chance to checkout my project over at Lead Page Labs, I would definitely encourage you to do so and then give me your feed back.

Below are just a few of the themes that you can get access to:

8-bit Lead Page 

Chocolate Theme Lead Page   

Real Estate Lead Page 

Soft’n Simple Lead Page

There are a lot more themes that you can access the PSD’s & HTML files when you sign up. Additionally below are some bonus graphics that you will gain access to as well. Below are just some examples of the Bonus Graphics you will get.

Download Buttons 

Macbook & Many Other Video Containers

App & Web Showcases 

Credit Card Icons

There are a ton more bonus graphics that you will gain access to after signing up. So, be sure to checkout LeadPageLabs and follow me on Facebook: to learn more about all the excellent themes and graphics we will be releasing this summer.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you over there :)

Do you need a pomodoro time tracker app?

There are so many time tracking apps available today. Some of them are very minimalistic with only a few todo lists and some of them can get very complex including multiple clients, multiple projects & deadlines, and many other features. Well, if you are a fan of the pomodoro technique, I would encourage you to try out a new web app for time tracking called Using you can easily track the amount of time you dedicate to each of your projects and keep track of all those tasks via Pomodoros in order to invoice at the end of the month.

Be sure to checkout the app for more time-tracking fun at: They even have a leaderboard of people who have completed the most tomatoes for the day, week, and month. By adding a little bit of gamification into this app they have definitely gotten me on board to ketch-up with my tasks. Haha, lame. I know.

Anyway, be sure to continually checkout their app for more features to come.

Test your website with multiple resolutions

I’m sure this has happened to most of us. You just finished working on the final touch-ups of a new site and you are excited to show it to the next person you see. You tell them to type in the URL and eagerly await for them to see the masterpiece that you have just created. Finally… the page loads… and you see it all funky and janked up as you realize…. ‘Damnit! I didn’t account for that specific screen resolution.’

Well before that happens again you may want to check out this sweet tool called ScreenFly by QuirkTools. They have a great tool for testing your website with multiple resolutions. All you have to do is enter the URL you want to test and then click ‘GO’. You can test your website on multiple resolutions on multiple devices. It will not emulate a mobile device; however, it will show you what your website would look like on that specific resolution.

Be sure to check out this amazing tool for testing your website with multiple resolutions. This is definitely getting bookmarked. I vowe to never again show off my masterpieces without testing them upon all screen resolutions :P

Foundation KR – Inspiration from Web Evolutionists

There are few sites that I visit for web development and entrepreneurial inspiration; however, one of them sticks out in my mind that I feel is definitely worthy of writing a post about. The site that I am referring to is called ‘Foundation’. The URL is

It’s kind of funny that I get excited when I see a new episode has been released.

So, what is foundation? Foundation is a simple video site where the creator, Kevin Rose, interviews popular web entrepreneur and CEO’s of popular Web Apps. In case you have never heard of Kevin, I’ll give you a little insight into who he is. Kevin Rose was the co-founder of the popular He is also an angel investor and now recently an employee with the brilliant minds at Google. He used to host a show called Diggnation, where him and his buddy would drink beer and talk about the hottest stories on Digg. It may sound dumb, but it was actually really entertaining :)

Anyway, Foundation is a collection of great web entrepreneurial interviews. As a web developer myself, I tend to get tied down with my position at work and feel that I am working a repetitive position that has no hopes of showing great success. Well, this web series has definitely given me new hope. Kevin Rose has interviewed several great minds including the creators of Twitter, Instragram, Ustream, and many more amazing people including Tim Ferris.

One of the things that I love about this video series is that you can tell the conversations and interviews are genuine, honest, and of course inspirational. If you are interested in coming up with new web ideas or love building new web applications you will definitely be a fan of this great show. So, be sure to head on over to and meet the minds behind some great web apps.

Are self-driving cars in our near future?

Imagine this… Friday night and you just had a night out with your friends. It’s been about an hour since you had your last beer and you are contemplating a cab or driving home yourself. Is it worth the risk? Are you still too intoxicated to drive? Asking yourself these questions, is the obvious answer that you should probably hail a cab or catch a ride with a friend. Wait a second… why can’t technology help in your inibriated state?

Well… Google can help with that… You have the latest self-driving car. So hop in your car, tell google maps to take you home, and feel free to rest your eyes as your self-driving car navigates you safely back to your house.

In an article written by TechCrunch the Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, gave the world a little insight into the Google self-driving car program. Schmidt says that the cars are, “not yet ready for productization.” He says that they are facing several challenges such as getting individual states to approve this self-driving program, currently Nevada is the only state to approve this program. If any any state knows how to gamble, it’s gotta be Nevada!

One of the problems that they are having with the Google self-driving car is actually kind of funny. Schmidt says that, “the current biggest problem is that it runs at the speed limit and nobody drives at the speed limit.” Well… Damnit! Build a self-driving car that knows how to break the law! And… that’s exactly what they did. Apparently, Google has prototypes that do not run at the speed limit. During the annual press talk, Schmidt revealed that Google had a racecourse in an undisclosed location, where the car would race human-driven cars, and win!

Back to the drinking and driving issue. Schmidt had stated that there are over 35k people killed each year due to drunk driving accidents in the US. This is supposedly a good statistic, since it has been sustained over the last few years… Ridiculous! Schmidt says, “the sooner we can get cars to drive for us the more lives we can save… self-driving cars should become the predominant mode of transportation in our lifetime.”

So, hopefully in the near future we won’t have to contemplate whether we’ve had to much to drink or not, and whether it’s a good idea to drive home after a few beers. In the press talk Schmidt was asked how he feels about the technophobic early adopters will actually adopt this new technology, “depends on how drunk they are” Schmidt replies… So true!