Are self-driving cars in our near future?

Imagine this… Friday night and you just had a night out with your friends. It’s been about an hour since you had your last beer and you are contemplating a cab or driving home yourself. Is it worth the risk? Are you still too intoxicated to drive? Asking yourself these questions, is the obvious answer that you should probably hail a cab or catch a ride with a friend. Wait a second… why can’t technology help in your inibriated state?

Well… Google can help with that… You have the latest self-driving car. So hop in your car, tell google maps to take you home, and feel free to rest your eyes as your self-driving car navigates you safely back to your house.

In an article written by TechCrunch the Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, gave the world a little insight into the Google self-driving car program. Schmidt says that the cars are, “not yet ready for productization.” He says that they are facing several challenges such as getting individual states to approve this self-driving program, currently Nevada is the only state to approve this program. If any any state knows how to gamble, it’s gotta be Nevada!

One of the problems that they are having with the Google self-driving car is actually kind of funny. Schmidt says that, “the current biggest problem is that it runs at the speed limit and nobody drives at the speed limit.” Well… Damnit! Build a self-driving car that knows how to break the law! And… that’s exactly what they did. Apparently, Google has prototypes that do not run at the speed limit. During the annual press talk, Schmidt revealed that Google had a racecourse in an undisclosed location, where the car would race human-driven cars, and win!

Back to the drinking and driving issue. Schmidt had stated that there are over 35k people killed each year due to drunk driving accidents in the US. This is supposedly a good statistic, since it has been sustained over the last few years… Ridiculous! Schmidt says, “the sooner we can get cars to drive for us the more lives we can save… self-driving cars should become the predominant mode of transportation in our lifetime.”

So, hopefully in the near future we won’t have to contemplate whether we’ve had to much to drink or not, and whether it’s a good idea to drive home after a few beers. In the press talk Schmidt was asked how he feels about the technophobic early adopters will actually adopt this new technology, “depends on how drunk they are” Schmidt replies… So true!

SEO for 2011

SEO 2011Don’t kid yourself, you can’t just expect your customers to find you. SEO is something that will never die.

So, if this thing is so important… Why not learn about it?

Quick run through for, we’ll call them ‘non-optimized’ yet we really mean the dumb people, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

So, SEO is the measurement of how much you make yourself present to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bleh… I mean Basically SEO is how much you optimize your site to make it search engine friendly. Perhaps a little clarification may come from reading one of the Influence Engines articles at: The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Okay, back to the main topic… SEO for 2011… 3 short bullet points for your success!

  • As of 2010, Google has dominated 83% of the internet search, which means that Yahoo and Bing (the rich boys of internet society) have a measly 17% of the online searching community. Get on board to optimize your site for Google (The Big Boys!)
  • SECOND! Web 2.0! Many people have a hard time with this clarification… Let me tell you the secret… IT’s NoT a Secret! Make your webpage clean, SIMPLE, EASY to navigate,… and c’mon get on board with jQuery (who refreshes pages now adays?)
  • FINALLY! This is not hard everyone…. What are the most popular sites out there? Facebook… Twitter… GET ON THEM… Get a ‘Following’… (that is not a twitter reference) this is stupid simple… You’re on the internet… Make some friends, and tell your friends about what you are doing!

So the SEO tips for 2011 is to pay attention to Google, make your website better, and build your social networks… I don’t know how to make this any easier… Follow these, and you will be built for success. I’ll leave you with a quote I feel necessary:

‘Success is built upon greatness, if you have a great product or service you will be successful’

Thanks for reading ;)

Google 10% Raise in January 2011

Obviously, keeping employees as opposed to training new employees is less expensive. Additionally losing talented individuals is also very costly. Google has announced that they will be giving a 10% raise to all their employees effective in January and if that’s not enough all the employees will also each receive a $1,000 christmas bonus. Merry Christmas, indeed! Google has nearly 23,000 employees which means that Googles Santa Clause has a whopping $23,000,000 check in their pocket.

Many site reviews are saying that Google is in a war with Facebook. Whereas, Google is trying to keep many of their talented employees from moving over and joining Facebook. About 10% of Facebook’s current employees are Google veterans. Especially over the past couple years several of Google’s Executive employees who have worked on company advertising and managing teams of Google Chrome and Android have joined Facebook. However, the email that went out to all the Google employees specified that the company wants to lift morale. “We want to make sure that you feel rewarded for your hard work,” Eric Schmidt, Google Cheif Executive, wrote. “We want to continue to attract the best people to Google.” Very convincing and upbeat. In either case of Google’s intent, the employees should feel proud to work for such a respected and well-known company.

The irony of this whole madness is that Google has began testing a new mathematical formula to try and predict what kind of employees are most likely to leave the company. These formulas are based on factors like employee reviews, attendance, and individual personality tests. If Google can nail this formula down they will hold an even stronger ground than they currently stand on.

The big boys at Google always seem to know what they are doing, so let’s just try and keep that in mind and see if any other companies take lead from the Google Generosity and start paying their employees more to stay with them.

Google Goggles – A great mobile app

Google Goggles is a simple app available on the Android mobile platform. With Google Goggles you can take a picture of a book and be taken to a store where you can purchase, you can take a picture of an old painting and you will be presented with results and history about the painting, or you can even take a picture of a business card and have the contact information automatically saved in your mobile contacts.

So check out this cool app at the Android marketplace or you can check out more about this app at the following link:

Google Me – A Facebook Killer or Just a Rumor

From internet browsers, email, searching, videos, documents, and many many more… Google may soon be coming out with a social networking service that could be a Facebook killer. Granted, it may not be a killer; however, if this rumor is true it may have the possibility to decrease the amount of users on Facebook. Think about all the services Google currently has available and how great it would be to integrate all those services into a social networking platform like Facebook.

In the past Google had created their own social network called Orkut and it hasn’t done as well as expected; however, the Google Me project may be Orkut on steroids and a brand new face in the social networking community that is sure to get a lot of ‘Buzz’. Speaking of ‘Buzz’, Googles share image and video with friends component, I’m sure it did not do as well as anticipated as well. Perhaps Googles mindset on this could be that they need a new start by creating an ultimate social network integrated with tons of the already popular Google services.

The topic about Google Me is not set in stone… The whole reason this topic exists is due to the fact that the co-founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, tweeted this topic:

He has stated that he had a very reliable source tell him about Google Me, and he is fairly certain that this is not a rumor. You can hear more about this topic in a video interview with Kevin Rose at: If you would like to read more into this topic you can visit the following links:

Syncing Google Calendar and tasks with your mobile device

Google makes everything easier such as email, searching, and organizing your life. Google Calendar and Tasks can be synced with your mobile device so that way you never have to miss an event again. When logged into your Gmail account simply go to: and you can add new events to your calendar. Alternatively inside of your Gmail account you can click on tasks to the left side of the screen and simply add a new task list. When adding a task if you specify to add a due date, then that specific task will be added to your tasks in your calendar list.

Google makes it very easy to configure your mobile device calendar with the Google Calendar. For instructions on setting this up you can visit and click on the mobile device you would like to configure. There are simple instructions, for each device, that will walk you through the whole process.

So be sure to sync your calendar events to your mobile device and you shouldn’t forgot about another event. Of course, unless you forget to add the event ;)

Google SMS on your mobile phone

Google SMS is a simple service where users can simply text a question to 466453 (Google) and you will most likely be given back the correct result. Say you wanted to find the closest pizza shop, you would simply text ‘Local pizza’ and your zip code and you will receive a response with a list of the closest pizza shops. If you were to text ‘Movies’ and your zip code, you will be presented with results about the latest movies that are available in the theater.

Be sure to give this awesome service a try. For a free interactive demo, similar to the image above, you can visit

Using Google Font API

It looks like standard web fonts may become a thing of the past. Google has introduced a new font API. Check it out here:

There are several different font faces that you can choose from. Here are a few of these fancy new fonts:

To check out the rest of the fonts available in the Google Font API head on over to:

These fonts are easy to implement in any web page. Once you are at the Google Font Directory, just click the font you want to use, and at the corresponding page click on the ‘Get The Code’ Tab:

On this next page, all you need to do is copy and paste the <link> tag to the header of your page and then you can implement this font anywhere on your page by adding that new font-family to any of the styles on your page. Enjoy ;)

BTW, for a thorough intro of this feature, check out Emanuele Feronato’s Blog Post at:

Google Desktop

If you visit you can download Google Desktop for free. Installing Google Desktop allows you to choose features such as ‘Google Search’ or ‘Sidebar with Gadgets’ to your computer. The sidebar with gadgets is really similar to the windows sidebar that we saw with Windows Vista, except for the fact that this is much better. Let’s face it Google engineers seem to create better quality products then Microsoft!

Anyway, with Google Sidebar you can install an assortment of gadgets and widgets to appear on the sidebar. Some of these gadgets and wizards include getting up to date news or showing the weather. The thing that I really like is that you can install your Gmail widget and be notified when you have new mail, or perhaps Google Reader.

Google Reader – Play (Cool)

So, as I was searching around at Google Labs I found one of their new beta programs. This one is called Google Reader – Play. I honestly think this service sounds really cool. If you don’t know what to read about, let Google make some recommendations. You select what you like or star certain topics and Google will remember your preferences and try to show your relevant topics. Google…. Genius! So, next time you are unsure about what to read, log in to Google and visit: You will most likely be presented with the following screen. This screen will give you a brief overview about Google Reader Play.

The cool thing about Google Reader is that you can set it on Slideshow mode, this way popular topics or relevant topics to your liking will play like a slide show. While the slide show is playing you can quickly read up on topics, save topics, specify whether you like the topic, and even share the article/post/topic. There is also a thumbnail viewer of the articles you are going to read through. You can choose to show or hide these thumbnails. The screen looks as follows:

I’m not sure how this service is going to play out, but I am very intrigued. KUDOS, Google. I’m sure I’ll be back and back again to checkout the hottest topics, my relevant articles, and random crap available through Google Reader Play. How else would I have found out about this fantastic machine (Most Useless Machine Ever, I love it)