Joomla 1.6 Beta 3 available

Well, it’s happy to see that the boys over at Joomla are always working to improve and keep Joomla up-to-date. It seems that there is a battle between Joomla and Drupal. Well, I’ve had about 2 years experience with Joomla and only a couple months experience with Drupal. This is because I just found Drupal to be clunky. If asked to build a project using Drupal vs. Joomla. I would have to say that Joomla is a more superior content management system.

Here are some things that are available in Joomla which are not necessarily available for Drupal

  • Ease of use and customization
  • Commercial Modules and Components (There are many commercial extensions that can be used to create specific functionality, great for rapid development)
  • Excellent support within the community
  • Theme customization is very simple
  • Back-end functionality is smooth and clean

One positive about Drupal as opposed to Joomla is that they have natively SEF Urls built into the core of the CMS; whereas, Joomla does not have great Search Engine friendly URL’s (you can buy a component for this).

Drupal is well known for their free modules and components; however, many of them are clunky and do not offer much support.

Anyway, back to the Release of Beta 3. I think I’ll personally wait until a stable release of 1.6. The new version of 1.6 will have a few new features including theme configuration updates, stability of many plugins, new API, and several new goodies. The only downfall about updgrading to version 1.6 is that legacy mode will no longer be supported. Which means myself as well as many other sites running Joomla will have to make sure that all their components, modules, and plugins are 1.5/1.6 native compatible. Kind of a risky move, but hey if you are going to upgrade… You gotta go native.

Joomla Registration Redirector

JoomlaXI has this very cool plug-in called the registration re-director. The cool thing about this plug-in is that you can choose to have all of your new users who want to register on your Joomla site directed to one specific registration process. You can choose between Joomla Core Registration, Joomla Community Builder Registration, or Joomla Core Registration. Very Cool!!!

The problem that I had is that I wanted all my new users to register through the component AlphaRegistration, a very popular registration component for Joomla by AlphaPlug. Well, long post short I have decided to modify the original plug-in by JoomlaXI so that way users could also choose to set Joomla AlphaRegistration as the default registration page.

Okay, well I hope this comes in handy for someone :)

Click Here to download the plug-in