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UsePanda – News & Inspiration for Designers and Developers

One of the tools that I commonly used to stay up-to-date with the latest design and development news is UsePanda. UsePanda can be used as a chrome extension or as a webpage. The chrome extension is great. After activating the extension, every time you open up a new tab, you’re presented with the following screen:


Every morning you can get up and in front of your computer, with your coffee at your side, as you stay¬†up-to-date by checking out all the links and design inspiration presented through¬†UsePanda. Some may look at this as a distraction, but….. others would say it’s motivation.

UsePanda takes the latest news from many popular technology sites like Designer News, SideBar IO, Hacker News, and so much more. You will also be inspired as you can easily scroll through the most popular design shots from Dribbble, Behance, or Awwwards.

Be sure to download this awesome extension and get inspired :)

Have you checked out Chrome for iOS?

That’s right, the long awaited Google Chrome for your iOS devices has finally arrived. Just a couple days ago Google released their Chrome browser in the Apple Store and it already has 5-stars with over 3,000 ratings.

The advantages of using the Chrome browser include global bookmarks, simple search from the nav bar, quick tab scrolling and switching, and quick private browsing mode. You can checkout the tour at: (You’ll have to click and drag if you are not viewing from an iPad or iPhone)

Unfortunately we will not experience a much faster web experience with Google Chrome. The reason being is that it is not built under the same speedy Chrome engine on devices such as Android. Instead it’s been built behind the underlying Apple standard webkit. Apple has limited developing apps for the iOS so that they’re unable to change those underlying components. Additionally, for now there is no way to change your default browser on an iOS device. So when you open a link from your email or any other app, Safari will be there to greet you whether you like it or not :(

Nonetheless, head over to the Apple Store and download your free copy and give it a try.

Google Chrome on your Android smart phone

Is your default goto browser Google Chrome? Do you wish you could search the web just as fast on your smart phone by using the fastest browser available? Well, now you can do just that. Google has announced that the Google Chrome Beta is available in the Android marketplace. The Chrome browser is available to any Android 4.0 user.

Google says that Chrome for mobile devices will provide the user with faster speed, simplicity, and a better integrated mobile web browsing experience. Chrome for mobile devices will have a tabbed interface where users can flip through tabs just as easy as if they were flipping through a deck of cards. You can checkout their promo video below:

Additionally you can visit the official Google article here. Happy mobile browsing and be sure to checkout the Chrome Beta in the Android market.