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Google’s $22.5 million dollar FTC fine

Google has always been known for being on top. Well, unfortunately in this case it’s not a good thing to be in first place. The $22.5 million dollar fine from the Federal Trade Commission is the largest penalty issued on a single company. Congratulations Google! You definitely reached the leader boards and set a new record! Of course, this measly $22.5 million dollars probably cost Google about…. meh… 5 hours of revenue. So, I’m sure they’re not too concerned about this fine. But how about the trust of their customers?

This fine was enforced due to the brilliant minds behind Google and the code they had written that tricked Safari Browsers into thinking it was browsing in private mode, when in fact the users were still being tracked the whole time. Although, this does not seem like the most terrible thing that Google could do, it still fringes upon the trust of their consumers. Next time Google… Don’t get caught.

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Google Drive – The New DropBox?

With the ever expanding amount of options you have with Google, why exclude cloud storage? The Wallstreet Journal has reported that, in the next couple of weeks or months, Google will be launching their own cloud storage service called Google Drive. Many people may be familiar with cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud.

The Google Drive service will be a free alternative to the many other popular cloud storage services available. Why, would Google decide to offer this for free? And why are they trying to compete with Dropbox and Apple? Well… If you think about it, Google has actually offered a free cloud storage service for quite sometime. With Google Docs users can store document files, PDF files, images, and many other types of media. Additionally Google has Picasa and Google+ where users can add photos, videos, and other files. So, the bottom line is that Google may be offering this service to consolidate everyone’s files in one location.

Google has already revolutionized the way the world looks at email, let’s see what they can do with cloud storage. If you would like to read up more about the new Google Drive service you can checkout these sources from ReadWriteWeb or PCWorld.

How much does Google know about you?

Imagine this, you pick up your morning cup of coffee before driving to work and you run into a traffic jam. You spend a couple minutes weaving in and out of cars trying to find the fastest lane, your cell phone sends you a text message saying, “Hey Johnny, you’re going to be late for work, I’ve found an alternate path you can take to avoid being late, would you like me to guide you?” you click okay, and your phone responds, “Take exit 21a, stay on Richmond Ave for 4 miles, take a left on Park Blvd, drive for about 8 more miles, then take a right on Adams Ave, destination will be to your right…” and your phone has just saved the day. You arrive to work on time and ready for the day. Believe it or not, this may be available in the near future.

According to an article written by Scientific American, Googles new privacy policy will merge data from the products you use and then analyze it to make new assumptions. This is not Googles version of Siri, instead it’s a way to better understand a person based on past preferences, searches, schedules, and any other type of data you have shared with Google over the years. If you are using Google Calendar then they know where you are or where you need to be. Additionally if you are using an android device then google has your exact location and even preferences of where you’ve been before.

So, you know that crazy guy you’ve seen huddled up in the corner of a desolate building mumbling nonsense like ‘they know where we are, they know who I am’… He may not be that crazy after all. Ok, he’s probably still crazy, but at least due to Googles new privacy policy he can be seen as a little less crazy.

Google has decided that people are either going to have to take it or leave it. If you continue to use popular google products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and the other bundle of products after March 1st, 2012, you will be doing so under Googles new privacy policy.

It looks as though Googles services and the android plan to turn humans into mindless drones. I’m all for it, I’ll use my Android to turn into a droid myself.

I don’t feel that these privacy policies are as big of a deal as others are making it out to be. Google will try and understand each user better so that it can help assist them with many aspects of their life in the future. I think that is pretty cool. Let me know what you think, shoot me a comment below.

Google 10% Raise in January 2011

Obviously, keeping employees as opposed to training new employees is less expensive. Additionally losing talented individuals is also very costly. Google has announced that they will be giving a 10% raise to all their employees effective in January and if that’s not enough all the employees will also each receive a $1,000 christmas bonus. Merry Christmas, indeed! Google has nearly 23,000 employees which means that Googles Santa Clause has a whopping $23,000,000 check in their pocket.

Many site reviews are saying that Google is in a war with Facebook. Whereas, Google is trying to keep many of their talented employees from moving over and joining Facebook. About 10% of Facebook’s current employees are Google veterans. Especially over the past couple years several of Google’s Executive employees who have worked on company advertising and managing teams of Google Chrome and Android have joined Facebook. However, the email that went out to all the Google employees specified that the company wants to lift morale. “We want to make sure that you feel rewarded for your hard work,” Eric Schmidt, Google Cheif Executive, wrote. “We want to continue to attract the best people to Google.” Very convincing and upbeat. In either case of Google’s intent, the employees should feel proud to work for such a respected and well-known company.

The irony of this whole madness is that Google has began testing a new mathematical formula to try and predict what kind of employees are most likely to leave the company. These formulas are based on factors like employee reviews, attendance, and individual personality tests. If Google can nail this formula down they will hold an even stronger ground than they currently stand on.

The big boys at Google always seem to know what they are doing, so let’s just try and keep that in mind and see if any other companies take lead from the Google Generosity and start paying their employees more to stay with them.