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Flash Games On The iPhone/iPod Touch

A couple months back Adobe had announced they were releasing Adobe Flash CS5. This is very exciting because in the new version of Flash CS5 users will be able to convert their games/applications that have been created in Actionscript 3.0 into the iphone/ipod touch platform. This means that if you have created a game in the past using Flash and Actionscript 3.0 you will be able to port this game easily to the iPhone by using Flash CS5.

The release date for this awesome product will be around April of 2010. Unfortunately Adobe has decided to not release a beta for this version of flash, so everyone waiting to get their hands on this awesome product will have to wait until it is officially released. If you would like to learn more about the Flash CS5 and creating games for the iPhone you can visit this page here:

Now, I am wondering if everyone is extremely excited about this, because there is already a butt load of $0.99 crappy apps available for the iPhone. Actually, what I’m trying to say is that this is going to bring a whole new level of competition to the table. The number of indie game developers has significantly increased since MochiMedia has made it so easy for indie developers to make profit from their flash games.

The release of the new version of flash will be very exciting and I, as well as others, are greatly looking forward to this. Below is a sneak peak at the new version of Flash CS5. Hope you Enjoy! :)

And Below is another clip which displays some of the new functionality of the release of CS5. This is the sneak peak of the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 technologies:

Bownce Down iPhone Game

Bounce Down is a free flash game for the iPhone/iPod touch. Considering this game was free and that it kept me entertained a few amount of times, I thought it would be post worthy.

In this game your character moves down the screen and you have to keep him on the platforms to prevent your character from being burned by the flames below. You must also make sure to not get to high while on the platform or you will end up getting stabbed by the spikes above.

As you drop from platform to platform there are several different platforms which may make your character bigger smaller, move fast to the left, or move fast to the right. See how long you can prevent yourself from the burning flames or sharp spikes as you compete against others for high score.

Definitely a simple and entertaining game. Download, play, and have fun :)

Super Knockout Boxing 2

Super Knockout Boxing 2 is a great boxing game. If you have ever been a fan of the nintendo version of ‘Mike Tysons Punch Out’ then you will absolutely love this game. The graphics and styles of fighting in this game is also very similar to the popular ‘Super Punchout’ for the Super Nintendo.

The finger controls for this game make the strategic style of fighting each fighter very entertaining. The free version of Super Knockout Boxing 2 is a must have. It’s free and you get to compete against a few entertaining opponents.

Skyworks Ten Pin Bowl

Well if you love bowling then I am certain that you will love this game. Skyworks is popular for creating entertaining arcade sport games.

The ten pin bowl game is a very simple game. To play you put your index finger near the middle of the screen, then you pull your finger down to bring the ball down, and then flick your finger forward near the pins. The best way to get a strike is to aim for the right or left side of the front pin.

To bowl a 200 game it will be fairly simple after you have played several times and figured out how to get a strike. For 99 cents I would say this is a must have for a bowling fan, and if your not a bowling fan i would still say that you can get some great entertainment at your fingertips. Try the free version of this game and see if you fell that it would be worth less then a dollar. I would have to give this game a 4 out of 5.