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MediaTemple vs Rackspace

I’ve been with MediaTemple for about 5-6 years. About 3 years ago I started working with an awesome client who is the owner of

My client was using Rackspace and they were on a  shared plan which was pretty decent but it cost quite a bit with overages that were accruing, I finally convinced them to move to Rackspace Dedicated Servers, a dedicated virtual hosting service. We moved and the migration was seamless. I even had a direct contact at Rackspace that could help me out.


After being with their dedicated hosting solution running us about $300 a month, I was always a big fan of MediaTemple. They even had a WordPress hosting solution for only $20 a month! Awesome… I eventually convinced my client to move to this hosting solution… Errrrrccchhh! Big Mistake!

MediaTemples WordPress plan caps you at about 256mb/512mb ram. We were getting site down messages all the time. So, we needed to rethink the solution, MediaTemple was still a good solution, just not the wordpress solution, right?

Well, we then moved to their DV Level 4 servers which was ok for a little while. (Oh, btw, in order to migrate I had to pay MediaTemple about $100) I wish they would have migrated for fee, but it’s ok… But then about 3 months later their DV level 4 servers upgraded. Woohoo! Instead of the 4GB server it is now an 8GB server. So, I guess the upgrade will be automatic…

My server is going to get upgraded, right?… WRONG!

I had to pay another $100 to upgrade from a DV Level 4 server to the (new) DV Level 4 server. Another $100 and if that’s not enough our site has been down for the last 3 hours and still going… Which is my reason for writing this article. I have a feeling we may be moving back to Rackspace or another hosting solution.

So if you ever ask yourself, “should I go with MediaTemple or Rackspace.”

Go with Rackspace!