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twibble – Simple Tweets from your RSS Feed

Using Twibble you can set the latest content from your RSS feed to be tweeted to your twitter account at certain time intervals. Twibble will send out one of your latest posts, articles, or any other new piece of content that gets added to your RSS feed. This is automating the process of tweeting your new stories. Gaining a larger following couldn’t be easier with this tool.


To get started you can simply signup using your twitter account. Once logged in you can give your feed a name, provide the RSS feed URL, setup the interval at which you want twibble to look for new content to be posted, test out an example post, and then finally save your new feed.

You can then view Analytics to see the amount of click throughs you are getting for your tweets.

Using this tool will eliminate the need to manually tweet your latest article or post, which saves time to write more. So, get on board and checkout this cool new app called Twibble.

Be careful what you tweet

Coming to America for 2 British tourists became the trip they will probably never forget. As the couple, Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting, landed in the Los Angeles Airport they were immediately taken by officials and handcuffed. Apparently, a few weeks before their trip, 26-year old Leigh Van Bryan posted a tweet on twitter indicating that he was going to ‘destroy America’. Here is the full tweet below:

So, due to twitter recently announcing their ability to sensor tweets from specific countries, the two British tourists were instead looked at like terrorists. But… due to the context of the tweet and the slang word for ‘destroy’, sometimes meaning ‘party it up’, it looks as though this was not a threat at all.

Let’s put this in a situation that might be construed differently. Say, it’s a Friday night in a college dorm room and a couple of senior frat boys are drinking a couple beers as they are getting ready to hit the bars and have a fun night. Before leaving their dorm room, Johnny tweets:

“It’s Friday night! Time to rage with the boys, we’re going to destroy the city tonight!”

That statement does not look threatening in the least; however the US officials say they do not take likely to jokes about destroying anything. They say, in the same sense, they wouldn’t take likely if someone were to say, “I’ve got a bomb”, in a joking manner at the airport. Just to make things worse the tourist 26-year old also tweeted this:

The part of ‘digging Marylin Monroe up’ was a quote from a popular Family Guy episode. So, it looks like these tourists didn’t mean any harm when they came to the US for a vacation; unfortunately they never got to see their vacation through.

After the tourists were handcuffed by the officials at (LAX) they were questioned for five hours and then put into an illegal immigrants van. They were then separated from each other and held in a cell for the night before being deported on a flight back to their home. You can take a look at a piece of the security report below.

Original article from The Sun Website.

So, from now on don’t joke about destroying, killing, or harming anything or anyone on Twitter or you may find yourself with your feathers plucked and held up in a cell for the night.